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The seventh house is the sector of relationships and other people. It governs all partnerships, both business and personal, and relationship-associated matters, like contracts, marriage, and business deals.

This Houses In Astrology Chart Will Help You Understand What They Mean IRL

The eighth house is a mysterious sector that rules birth, death, sex, transformation, mysteries, merged energies, and bonding at the deepest level. The ninth house covers the higher mind, expansion, international and long-distance travel, foreign languages, inspiration, optimism, publishing, broadcasting, universities and higher education, luck, risk, adventure, gambling, religion, philosophy, morals and ethics.

The tenth house is at the very top and most public part of the chart. The tenth house governs structures, corporations, tradition, public image, fame, honors, achievements, awards, boundaries, rules, discipline, authority, fathers and fatherhood. The cusp, or border, of the tenth house is also called the midheaven, and it clues astrologers into your career path.

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The eleventh house rules teams, friendships, groups, society, technology, video and electronic media, networking, social justice, rebellion, and humanitarian causes. It also rules originality, eccentricity, sudden events, surprises, invention, astronomy, science fiction and all things futuristic. The zodiac completes with the twelfth and final house, which rules endings.

This house covers the final stages of a project, tying up loose ends, completions, the afterlife, old age, and surrender. And it rules the imagination, creativity, arts, film, dance, poetry, journals, and the subconscious mind.

Draw your Free Birth Chart (Placidus)

Get the Horoscope Guide! The 12 Houses of the Zodiac.

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You likely thrive in fields of nursing, childcare, psychology, or as a stay-at-home parent. You work well in capacities that allow you to improve things, so options like consultant, manager, accountant—anything that requires you to be detail-oriented—are all great. Libra is represented by the scales of justice, and gravitates to roles that involve fairness and harmony—like lawyer.

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Complete Guide About Astrology Birth Chart

The 10th house in Scorpio points to you loving being in control and someone who aggressively chases your goals. Tran says psychology and science are great fields for you.

The Houses

Great options here include a philosopher, professor, anthropologist, or asking to be transferred to an international branch of your current company. In addition to signs, your birth chart also includes planets inclusive of the sun, moon, and Pluto , and they can appear anywhere, highlighting facets of your personality. Check out what it means below if a specific planet is in your 10th house in astrology.

This is the planet of thinking and communication, so your job is very cognitive and intellectual. Venus represents beauty, love, and harmony—so do work that is artistic.

The Fourth House: The House of Family and Home

Work is also the way that you feel loved, and supported. This is the planet of action and taking charge. Saturn is the planet of discipline and hard work. This is the planet of innovation and change.

Houses – Fourth |

You can expect your career to be full of positive twists and turns—and you enjoy that unpredictability. Pluto is the planet of transformation, and it represents the more substantive, meaningful parts of life. Try Vedic astrology instead.

How to Read a Birth Chart.. in Minutes!

Also, want on-demand astrology meanings via text? OMG, I forgot to pack a bra to change into after my sweaty workout—what do I do? Can fruits and veggies ever really be bad for you?