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Yearly horoscope. Your Zodiac Characteristics. Your Ascendant and its meaning. You need to be on the alert in every area o your life today. Successive changes are sure to upset your carefully laid plans. If you are still looking for your soul mate, keep the faith. Your prayers will soon be answered.

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You need to be very careful whom you do business with these days. Choose the people you collaborate with carefully because you are very prone to trusting the wrong people, then living to regret it. Your finances are starting to see better days. Keep a lid on expenses so that you can live to spend another day.

Our website uses cookies to improve your experience and provide personalised content. You are feeling ambitious today, as is typical for you. But it is possible that your ambitions have changed, and now more accurately reflect the real you.

Write down these new goals of yours. Looking at them in black and white will allow you to see them more objectively. Be sure that the new plans you've set for yourself are, in fact, attainable. An interview over the course of the next week could prove to be incredibly successful. Love: On Sunday, the Full Moon in Aries will urge you to review and reflect on the state of your relationship. Follow your heart!

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Avoid being too controlling at the start of the month! Relaxing your grip can only be a good thing, so watch as your partner grows happier and more confident as a result. White House says it will not cooperate with inquiry. Turkey amasses troops on Syrian border. Police ID 3 suspects in murder of Amber Guyger witness.

Senate report urges action to prevent Russian meddling. Judge slams DeVos, Education Department for violating order.

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Footage: Mayfield-Sherman handshake beef a lie? Warren defends story about losing job because of pregnancy. Study: U. Opinion: NBA has its limits in making nice with China. One man's rule for a simple retirement is clear: Be married.

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Purdue unveils astronaut-inspired uniforms. Dash claims arrest was 'blown out of proportion'. Whistleblower: Navy shipbuilders ignored testing procedures for years. NFL coaching hot seat rankings. Meet the woman who had a singleton, twins and then triplets.

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Woman claiming to be Ukrainian orphan's mom says she's a child.